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B= beams
O= of
G= God

The sunshine rays coming through the clouds.
I was on a road trip, looked up into the clouds and noticed the bogs streaming down onto the ground- it was beautiful
od uživatele katie 04. Červenec 2003
a toilet
i neeta go to the Bog
od uživatele Brother Number One 07. Listopad 2003
The process of refusing to believe any logical thought/reasoning and create a theory based on no hard facts. The theory is usualy based on a forum post or a paragraph someone once read which was meaningless and untrue. Even if hard facts are presented to discourage the bog theory or totally falsify it, the individual refuses to accpet the truth.
Bog1 "Larry David is gay, i once read something somewhere about him being gay, therefore he's gay.

Bog2 "The correct English is not 'must have' it's 'must of', i just read a post on the internet which contained it.

Bog3 "Time doesn't exist, no as in i've built up a theory based on all the knowledge i've gathered over time and even though all logical reasoning proves that it is false, i continue to try and prove otherwise.
od uživatele MustOf 24. Únor 2008
bogs/boggs - toilet
dude, wers the boggs in here
od uživatele whiplash 29. Leden 2004
something that sucks. a shitty experience.
dude, that bogs...sorry to hear you didn't pass math
od uživatele aids_831 15. Listopad 2010
Bög means gay/homosexual in swedish.
"Du är bög", means "You are gay".
od uživatele Johan123 27. Červenec 2006
to take a shit
mate i need to take a bog
od uživatele plugger k 19. Březen 2011
(v) to defecate
(n) excrement
(v) "Mum, you can start dinner without me, I need to bog"
(n) "Who did a bog and didn't flush?"
od uživatele Marky Mark the Fresh Prince 11. Červenec 2013