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The first super smash hit by Brennan Huff and Dale Doback in the movie "Step Brothers" under the record company Prestige Worldwide.

Brennan and Dale took Dale's father's sailboat and used it to film the song. No one was steering the boat so it crashed into the shore and was demolished.
Dude, I just set "Boats and Hoes" as my profile song. That song is fucking awesome.
od uživatele ConeBone 07. Srpen 2008
212 45
Song made famous by step brothers Brennan Huff and Dale Doback at the catalina wine mixer. POW!!
Guy 1: It's the fucking catalina wine mixer.
Guy 2: POW POW!!
od uživatele seriousboutkoolaidforeal 02. Srpen 2008
103 61
a song from the movie stepbrothers that kicks ass
boats and hos
boats and hos
gotta have me my boats and hos
od uživatele tobyDAMMIT 13. Únor 2009
45 13