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A synonym for an iPod that iPad and iPhone owners use to describe these music players because they are inferior to their more expensive iOS devices. Includes iPod touches, nanos, shuffles, videos, minis, and iPod classics.
Frank: Hey Steve can I use your iPhone to iMessage my mother?

Steve: Just use your iPod touch. Oh wait, there's no wifi out here...stupid bitchPod.

Tom: Let's watch this cool movie on my third generation iPod video!

Bob: No, let's use my iPad. Your bitchPods screen blows.
od uživatele 12345Joeable 07. Únor 2012

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When your iPod stops functioning correctly or when the battery dies quicker than it should.
God damnit, my bitchPod keeps cutting my songs short!
od uživatele Hextacy 09. Březen 2007