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The humiliating act of slapping someone across the face. To be avoided.
You keep it up, she will bitch slap you!
od uživatele Aedan 18. Květen 2004
192 52
Getting hit across the face by the back of a persons hand, or getting slapped in front of a big group of people.
Zander called Miranda a witch and she bitch slapped him.
od uživatele Sami Tabbaa 01. Duben 2004
92 31
The act of unexpectedly slapping someone across the face. Usually done in front of several people in order to humiliate the slappee.
When John said that he had thought about whether he was gay or not his friends in his weight lifting class all took turns to make sure he was appropriately bitch slapped.
od uživatele Blasphemous 25. Leden 2003
70 51
Flexible word- ranging from simply getting held accountable to being reprimanded to getting beaten badly in a sporting event.
"I haven't followed up for them yet and I'm getting bitch slapped with e-mail requests."

"Ouch- My boss bitch slapped me for being late!"

"The Pistons simply bitch slapped Boston last night in the opening round of their series."
od uživatele Bslapped as it's used everyday 19. Březen 2009
25 17
the impact of a high velocity backhand which can sometimes be covered in baby powder. used to mark territory.
1: agaergoergogoigoiGOIgjerg
2: shut up bitch!*slap*
od uživatele eddie 21. Květen 2005
15 11
A man is Bitch Slapped if he is completelly dominated by his woman. Also known as Pussy Whipped.
Grow some balls mate, you're totally Bitch Slapped!
od uživatele Rikstie 03. Leden 2013
4 4