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An amazingly chill person or item, so cool for anyone to handle. It is x10 greater than the word awesome, and has a much greater feeling when said.
"dude, that dro we hit up last week was soo bid. I was gooooooone."

"Sometimes Katie can be really bid."
od uživatele Kaleigh mf Dean 21. Leden 2009
15 61
Bid- a good person; friend
Hey bid, what's goin on today? You are a real good bid fo
od uživatele Aaron Levin 30. Duben 2006
22 70
Bid is short for biddie which means a really hot girl
yoooo check out this bid lookin ova...
od uživatele "That NY Guido" 15. Duben 2005
28 78