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An ignorant mexican/wetback way of spelling "bitch"
"fuck you bicth!" "where my bicth?"
od uživatele THA_ER 08. Duben 2004
a improper way of spelling bitch. Displayed on an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. You must state "in that order" after the spelling as Momma Dee did to justify the spelling.
Momma Dee: "...and yes she is a bitch, B.I.C.T.H. and in that order"
od uživatele paradoxpredator 23. Srpen 2012
a nasty female or a female dog.
you litlle bicth i hate you.
od uživatele nicci 30. Srpen 2003
someone who stands up for themselfs and done not put up with any shit for guys.
that bitch told Zack that he was an ass hole.
od uživatele kfc6 03. Březen 2004