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A British terminology, meaning a homosexual or gay person.
I swear that Clay Aiken is an absolute bender.
od uživatele Luna23 30. Červenec 2009
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A hockey player who has no skating skills and bends his ankles when he skates, also used to describe a hockey player who is an awful player in general
WOW that kid Jantard is such a bender, look at how he skates! It would be no surprise if he taped his ankles.
od uživatele Danknuggett 02. Srpen 2008
10 10
Someone who is so ugly, they make the opposite sex turn gay.
Jenny? She's a right bender, she made Fergus gay.
od uživatele gacor 10. Červen 2011
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The term bender derives from the action of one's ankles bending in such a fashion that they suck at skating. Some are born true benders while in other cases being a bender can develop as a result of ... Read Moreyears of being dangled. A common cure for bending includes taping your ankles. A suggested desicion for totally hopeless benders includes playing down a couple tiers, playing girls hockey, figure skating, or just quiting the sport all together.
I was going to practice with the AAA kids today, but last time they took my ankle harness and shot pucks at me because I'm a bender.
od uživatele DOERR! 08. Listopad 2009
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gay person
that guy is a total bender
od uživatele van_block 16. Leden 2012
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a homosexual male (in British slang)
in the '70s, no one knew Elton was a bender
od uživatele su france 18. Červen 2005
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When used as a noun it means homosexual.
I passed out at a party and was violated by a bender.
od uživatele Mark Kunkel 14. Červen 2005
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