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= bitches
od uživatele Anonymous 02. Duben 2003
Derived from the word Bitch. Meaning a nasty and or annoying girl to whom you love or care about.

Calling someone a Bitch without being mean.
Damn Sarah I love you cuz you such a sexy Beetch.
od uživatele NicoleY99 10. Červenec 2010
It is misspell of bitch. More ee's the better.
"oh no j00 feckin beeeeetch !"
od uživatele sf 20. Květen 2004
a lesser version of a beesh, a person who wishes to possess the quality that beesh holds
the beetch: ugh i wish i could be a beesh!
od uživatele christmaslover 04. Prosinec 2009
Lighter, less crude way of saying *bitch* Normally used by older women who are in the presence of young children and don't want to blurt out the harsh sounding swear word *bitch*.
Ladie hits the curb whilst driving a car with a few kids inside as she hits the curb she mutters to herself quietly *Beetch*!
od uživatele Chris Danielsen 02. Březen 2005