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another word for female gentalia, or a vagina.
"Man, I finally saw Jenny's big ol' beef curtain, and it was hella nast..."
od uživatele bigolbeefcurtain 21. Duben 2005
17 58
While beef curtain quite clearly relates to the facilities of a lady to enable a gentleman to gain entry with his pork sword, the reason is hitherto explained. In the 1970s many members of the middle class had dreadful looking reddy-brown curtains hanging in their houses often smelling of the sunday roast which had been enjoyed by the said middle classes on previous sundays. More often than not these people would enjoy a good bit of beef which is why the said curtains smelled the way they did. A lady's receptical which enables penal entry has a very similar persona after many years of sexual attention as the aforementioned 1970s curtains. The expression 'beef curtain' found its origin in the late 1970s.
1970s reddy-brown curtains hanging in 1970s middle class homes smelling of the recent sunday roast often beef. Womans naughty bits look and smell the same after use.
od uživatele Andrew Gratring 16. Srpen 2005
83 125
Saggy vagina lips often found on whores such as L R
Dude Mrs. Maharg has the biggst beef curtains in the world!!!! or her beef curtains were like a nice huge warm fuzzy saggy long blanket for my weiner
od uživatele The old double G 08. Březen 2007
16 62
the stretched out lips of a nasty vagina that are dark in color.
alot of porn stars have beef curtains to cover their beat up pussys.
od uživatele kira l 21. Červen 2006
14 64
her beef curtain was bruised and battered by many years of abuse
od uživatele scart 11. Červenec 2003
10 62
When a girl has had too much sex, her Vulva usually resembles beef curtains.
"I bet that slut's vagina looks like beef curtains!"
"Her beef cutains flap in the wind!"
od uživatele Paulaa 19. Únor 2007
38 102
when the flesh of one's belly is able to hang over either their pants/ underclothing, and sometimes the cases are so extreme that it hangs over the dick...yes, very scary.
uh oh, do you have anything under that beef curtain?

wow, his beef curtain is so sexy!

od uživatele THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF BEEF CURTAIN 01. Červenec 2007
32 106