Broken Boner Syndrome
your girlfriend left you because of your B.B.S
od uživatele J.A Walker 22. Květen 2009
Acronym- Before breasts. Used to describe a female who one has known before puberty.
"Dude did you see Amanda in that beach photo? Total hotty."
"I know man, I knew that bitch BB"
od uživatele ten_animals_I_slam_in_a_net 28. Prosinec 2012
Beef Blower. Usually refers to girls.
That girl over there is a major BB.
od uživatele Missawesome 29. Duben 2012
Abbreviation for 'big boobs'
Hey! You know Samantha is having surgery again? apparently she wants bb
od uživatele pquinn 22. Leden 2012
Big Brother, the TV show.
Who won BB 12? -Hayden.
od uživatele cpdjaN 15. Září 2011
bootylicious buns
I work my B.B.'s all the time
od uživatele firefox21 20. Březen 2011
Bubble But
Andy: wow look at BB Bradderz

Matt: God she has a large round arse
Haytham: I would so grab that BB with both hands.
od uživatele Very lazy garlic 08. Listopad 2010

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