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someone who takes your breath away whether out of envy or pity or amazement.
That dude with the 4' beard is AWESOME!

Chris Hicks, the guy that loves taking me to his car to show me a bunch of bands he likes to listen to on his CD player, is awesome.
od uživatele AmericanWayne 08. Prosinec 2009
1) Something amazing and really cool

2) Bearsharktopus
"Wow dude that bearsharktopus is so awesome."
od uživatele Ziggermangle 30. Listopad 2009
To describe someone's amazingness

Derived from the greek word meaning: Abiel
Damn, Abiel is Awesome.
od uživatele Abielfan 18. Listopad 2009
Inspiring awe or exceeding expectations.
Imagine a baby that's not even born yet and is already blogging. That's awesome! The 'baby' at AwesomeBabyBlog.com is awesome!
od uživatele fandom1 04. Listopad 2009
Someone or something that is really, really cool.
My friend Midna is awesome!
od uživatele Pweegue 11. Srpen 2009
beyond fun and being great
Did you see what Awilda did, she is so awesome!
od uživatele mm11123 04. Srpen 2009
amazing, heart-stirring, wonderful.
Oh wow! That's just awesome
od uživatele Super cool fly kid 19. Červenec 2009