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Acronym for "according to my opinion."

Most commonly used as a tongue-in-cheek substitute for IMO/IMHO, but its use is not limited to this application. Can serve to punctuate or seal a thought, even in cases where IMHO may be unwieldy or inappropriate.

Popularized by American bicycle maker Richard Sachs.
"To surpass the master is to repay the debt atmo."
od uživatele anony-mous 26. leden 2008
British slang for at the moment
I'm busy atmo, I'll ring you later
od uživatele KaleighD 23. červenec 2008
Shortened form of "Atmosphere" a Hip Hop group.
od uživatele KD 12. srpen 2003
a player who ia > ra3
atmos > ra3
od uživatele tony 10. červen 2003
Refers to a naturally aspirated engine. i.e. not turbo or super charged
atmo supras aren't as fast as you'd think
od uživatele Chris M C 09. září 2007
acronym for 'atmosphere'. correctly used in context of good or bad.
'yeah thats some good spooning atmo going on.'
'bad skating atmo, the roads covered in pot holes.'
od uživatele ghetto joe 22. září 2008
To be a freak
dang, your a atmo
od uživatele neko katt 28. červen 2002
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