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I like to walk up to "anarchists" and just fucking punch them in the balls!
Then I say to them:

HA HA - you didn't see that one coming did you you little "anarchist" pussy!
od uživatele what evva , I do what I want 05. Červen 2004
18 47
completely stupid idea some ppl actually think its gd others jus like the sign and think its cool to like it
wow that anarchy sign looks realli cool lets promote it
od uživatele billios 01. Červen 2004
12 47
ANARCHY where prepsand posers think the president is fuckin hott!!!!!!!!!!!!
prep1: oh my god did you see the president on t.v. last night he was so hott!!
Prep 2: i know he is like the hottest guy in the world
od uživatele metal maiden 17. Únor 2005
3 43
anarchy... NO RULES...
so go out and kill your fellow citizen, no one's gonna stop ya! pff.. just what we need. Besides all that hippy idealist crap, all it means is NO RULES! that's why it's all BULLSHIT!
"look at that masacre, it's pure bloody anarchy out there"
od uživatele stumber 06. Srpen 2003
13 55
A dumbass form of government that doesn't even make sense. You would get no help from docotrs, firemen, electricians, etc. because you can't tell them to help you because that wouldn't make them happy.
I never thought I'd see a form of government that makes less sense then communism or a polity.
od uživatele Elitist 07. Duben 2004
16 59
some1 who flips out b/c u harass him about reconnecting in scrims. Obviously, reconnecting is leet.
od uživatele anonymous 26. Leden 2003
1 44
C0CK punch an Anarchist!
Trust me,it'll make their day!
od uživatele no rules man 10. Březen 2005
10 55