Like ILY, it has taken something meaningful and killed the complete shit out of it.
Hey baby, ILY because YOLO.

Hey baby, I love you because you only live once
od uživatele essjay 19. červenec 2012
shut the fuck up
shut the fuck up
od uživatele satan6969r 30. červen 2012
You Obiously Love Oreos
od uživatele hunii 22. červen 2012
You Ovbiously Love Oreos, YOLO, It's when you eat Oreos in a different fashion or have an addiction for Oreos.
Lily: Hey what did you eat today?

Ling: I ate some Oreos :D

Lily: Oreos? thats boring !

Ling: I seperate the Cookie and Cream from the Oreos, about 30 of them, I then stacked all the cream like a tower, putting 1 cookie on the bottom and top, I ate it all.

Lily: YOLO.
od uživatele Lingbby 08. červen 2012
Um, obvi, it's oftenly mistaken to mean "You Only Live Once", but of course, that's wrong.
The real definition is "You Obviously Love Oranges"
Honestly, people these days.
Suck that bitches.
od uživatele abhdfjakblhdfklawhatamityping 19. květen 2012
you obviously lack originality -proud Tumblr user
User 2: YOLO
od uživatele yowhatseob 02. duben 2012
Shut the fuck up.
I took a shower. Yolo.
od uživatele Meuwmoew 28. únor 2012

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