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An injury obtained by playing the Nintendo Wii.

Due to the Wii's motion sensor controller, players of the Wii actively move their body while playing games.
I was playing on the Wii and got a wiinjury when I hit my arm against a table.
od uživatele Amolo 18. Listopad 2006
65 15
An injury, often muscular, obtained after spending too much time on the Wii.
K - My shoulder really hurts after bowling on the Wii.

I - I believe you have sustained a Wiinjury
od uživatele Burls 23. Duben 2008
8 2
The general aching or an injury sustained from playing on the Nintendo Wii.
"You hit me with the Wiimote and caused significant injury, now I have a Wiinjury"


"I've been playing on the Wii for so long I have a Wiinjury"
od uživatele Ryan Bradley 21. Říjen 2007
8 3
Injuries you get from playing Wii
I got Wiinjuries from playing Wii last night
od uživatele CaitieChaos 30. Prosinec 2008
0 0
An injury incurred while playing a virtual sport/program on a Wii.
Bob: Do you have an Advil, my shoulder is killing me?
Barb: Sure, what happened?
Bob: I hurt it playing tennis on my kid's Wii.
Barb: I know what you mean. I got a Wiinjury using the Dance program last week.
od uživatele Goucc55 28. Červenec 2008
1 2