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Name for fans of the rock group, The Weber Brothers
It was a great show. All the usual Web Heads were there.
od uživatele Web Head #1 11. Únor 2010
An advanced and sofisticated Web surfer. Do not confuse with an adict Web surfer.
She has been using the Web for five years now, and has become a real webhead.
od uživatele Menteco 04. Červenec 2003
When a guy jizzs in a girls hair.
Hey, you talk to Jon yet, why, I herd he gave his girlfriend webhead last night!
od uživatele sidekick77777 30. Květen 2009
any person that surfs the internet for extended periods of time without any purpose.
I surfed the internet all day for no particular reason. I am such a web-head!
od uživatele Paul J Parkinson 24. Březen 2005