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Another word for DEAD
Nancy; "What happened to Joe?"

Jonas: "He got Bin Usama Bin Laden 'd
od uživatele Dinkleberry Dan 02. Květen 2011

Slova související s Usama Bin Laden

arab terrorist
How Fox News spells Osama.
Usama Bin Laden is dead.
od uživatele their pseudonym 01. Květen 2011
The Now Amazing Person That Killed Robert Pattinson's Butt In "Remember Me."
Robert Pattinson-The Twin Towers Are Very Clean Today

Usama Bin Laden- Those Stupid Americans Think That I Am Trying To Kill America!! Hahaha!! Eat This Robert Pattinson!!!!!
od uživatele Gk28 19. Březen 2010