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Short for "Turned up"

Feeling so swag and crunk (NOT DRUNK)
Man I'm hella turnt rn
od uživatele nothannahmontana 14. Leden 2014
6 9
To be simultaneously drunk and high. Reserved for party situations primarily.
"Dude, I was so turnt last night!"
"Party on, excellent!"
od uživatele awesomo400000 19. Únor 2014
4 9
A blunt in which it contains feces (turds). Created by rapper Gucci Mane, and mentioned in his latest song Turnt Up.
We smoked some turnt last night.
od uživatele Alfonso Reynolds 06. Listopad 2013
25 40
fucking angry, about to attack or destroy
That foo is gettin turnt right know. Ya'll better watch ur back.
od uživatele Hombre Joe 01. Listopad 2009
217 316
The past tense of the word turn.
"He had turnt around, and dat nigga said POP"
od uživatele HOO$H 08. Listopad 2005
162 312