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Triple T K A means TTTKA which means Time to totally kick ass =)
Omg she's given me evils AGAIN it's Triple T K A
od uživatele Luru the Guru 24. Leden 2006

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ass-kicker ass-kicking fighting tttka whooped
TTTKA = Time To Totaly Kick Ass
WhiteChicks"TripleT K A" "Time To Totaly Kick Ass"
Triple T KA
od uživatele Louise n Em 16. Červen 2006
time to totally kick ass
homecoming is a triple tka event
od uživatele kelseyelizabethh 30. Leden 2010
Time To Totally Kick Ass. Watch WHITE CHICKS(and See Phrasonym).
"Triple T.K.A." said Marcus.
"Time to Totally Kick Ass," chorused both Marcus and Kevin.
od uživatele GerbilJiM 15. Březen 2005