Top Definition
Tripping and chilling. To chill and get high with people.
Yeah I was trilling with my friends today.
od uživatele keepcalmandhitabong 17. srpen 2012
Chillin out hardcore
Can't wait for summer break, I'm gonna be trilling all day.
od uživatele Archibald and Gerald 14. prosinec 2011
The act of using a trildo
Jenny loves trilling on her new trildo.
od uživatele Encyclopediatrildanica 06. srpen 2008
something that is crazy, bull sh*t, crap, messed up, stupid,itiot, or just plain fu*ked up!!!
MAN!!! This is TRILLING!!!
od uživatele chanellle and ayllisa 10. září 2006
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