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A Woman's Vagina.
Also, see Tootie Blasting.
At a strip club you are bound to see a little tootie....In fact you are bound to see a BIG tootie too...
od uživatele TMaC 21. Březen 2004
a girl with a banging body and fly ass style.
every niggas fantasy.
damn breh look at that girl, she a tootie yo.
od uživatele tootie_cutie 14. Březen 2008
a hard working black women that is put down by the antics of that preppy bitch on the facts of life.

see: sable
man tootie is just like sable.

who wouldve thought?
od uživatele deathcabfornone 08. Červenec 2004
the term "aye tootie!"
is normally shouted when a girl or group of girls see a cute boy.

but sometimes tootie could just be used when you see a friend (male or female)
"dang, tootie"
"look at that tootie"
od uživatele emmmmmmaaaaastarnes! 19. Únor 2009
crystal methamphetamine
lets go smoke some tootie bitch
od uživatele not1bah2 12. Září 2003
A joint of pot/reefer.
Let's toot a tootie. (Let smoke a joint)
od uživatele capt 26. Září 2003
A sociopathic, narcissistic, saddistic mysogynist who gets off to women being their submissive little arm tumor. Usually dates fake n' bake jail bait types who have more boobs than brains.
That tootie dumped me when he found out I was 22 and celebrate feminism.
od uživatele uhNOMuhlee 15. Květen 2009