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The ultimate declaration of unrivaled excellence. Synonyms include 'cool,' 'rad,' 'awesome,' 'abgefahren,' 'primordial,' 'bangarang,' 'wicked sweet', 'most excellent,' 'most triumphant, etc.' Derived from a Shakespearean character in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Do you listen to Queen?

Yeh, I think they are Theseus!
od uživatele Jackie Deram 24. Květen 2005
15 8
He did it or something.
Theseus did it or something.
od uživatele Vithon 15. Březen 2011
10 4
A person who attempts to act like an internet bully, but in reality makes himself look like the sad little idiot that he is.
guy: Did you see him fail at trolling?
girl: yea he must be a theseus.
od uživatele sonu89 19. Duben 2011
10 9
The greatest mythological figure of all freakin' time!!! Sometimes referred to as Theseus but his real name is The Seus. He is invincible and he has a stomp band called The Seus's players.
The Seus is the awesomest person who ever lived.
od uživatele Zach E S 24. Červen 2009
3 2