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The look of euphoria and ecstasy while texting.
Holy shit, man! John just had his sixth textgasm of the night!
od uživatele Benjamind 31. Prosinec 2007
17 8
The act of Having an Orgasm Via Text
TextGasm "oh baby don't stop, don't stop.. Oh...shit...oh...shit..mmmm...."
od uživatele SoCo n Porn 31. Prosinec 2008
8 2
The act of ultimate arousal when an overload of texts makes your phone vibrate until you reach the point of orgasm (usually female)
My boo just send me another 25 texts. I think he was trying to give me another textgasm. Maybe next time I'll keep it in my shirt pocket.
od uživatele MandyWalsh 10. Červenec 2008
9 3
When your phone vibrates uncontrollably (has a seizure) from notifications after turning on your phone after it has been dead for a long period of time
"Omg my phone is having a textgasm, all these notifications i feel so special"
od uživatele Black/white guys 18. Říjen 2011
3 0
An orgasm you receive while waiting for a picture via mms, before you even receive it, due to lack of patients.
Bob: (Splurge) I'm gonna check my facebook.


Bob: FINALLY... Dammit, I just had a textgasm already.
od uživatele Jack the Nipper 28. Leden 2009
0 5