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TLA is a three-letter-acronym for three-letter-acronyms
od uživatele uncle tom 13. Prosinec 2004
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Stands for "Three Letter Acronym" or "Three letter abbreviation". See also XTLA.
ATM is a common TLA, or BMW, or XML and so on.
od uživatele Oliver Lehmann 22. Srpen 2005
Three Letter Acronym. Slightly shorter and more common than FFLAs
Web developers are filled with TLAs.
od uživatele denied 23. Leden 2003
A Three letter Acronym, that is always used on the best of occasions....
Damn bro, I hate T.L.A's... My brain is like, totally melting...
od uživatele Phat Nat 21. Březen 2008
True Love Always
- One Tree Hill

...need i say more? :P
It always have been and will be Lucas and Peyton, TLA (True Love Always).
od uživatele lp_tla 22. Únor 2008
Too long and stupid.
tlas; dgaf.
od uživatele asac 07. Březen 2012
Three Letter Acronym. A circular self-reference
X.Y.Z.? What's that mean? I'm not familiar with that T.L.A.
od uživatele RonF 30. Říjen 2007

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