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An adoring and cute mushy pet name to call your lover.
Goodnight now sweetie, I'll miss you so much but I'll see you next week!
od uživatele Doggonecutsy 24. Duben 2004
1141 163
a smart hottie either a male or female depending on tone and setting
Dude it rare when you get a sweetie.
od uživatele Sontdp 29. Duben 2008
323 224
something you call someone who is sweet to you after they compliment you sweetly.
guy:you look cute really cute in that pic
girl: awwww thanks! what a sweetie!
od uživatele cutesy no.1 07. Září 2010
191 143
Name that prostitute's use when addressing a customer instead of using a name. Makes the act less personal and more business like for the prostitute.
Hey Sweetie looking for a date?

Sweetie, if you want a trip to the islands it costs extra.
od uživatele Winged One 17. Červenec 2009
134 246
something derogatory that horney gross men call girls when they hoot and holler at them.
Hey sweetie, your man ain't got nothing to do with me!
od uživatele BigApple 10. Říjen 2008
91 291
A bitch.
Originated from the MKP chatrooms.
The mods changed the word "bitch" into "sweetie" whenever someone posted the word in a topic
1. There is SO much sweetieyness going on at that all girls school down the road.

2. She fucked your boyfriend? Man, what a sweetie!
od uživatele Dolltee 28. Říjen 2007
105 429
A young woman,
who's not hot,
but cute.
Me... wearing a pale pink top with a white --but not transparent-- skirt.
od uživatele lois77 01. Červen 2005
125 553