1.) An inexpensive detergent used for washing clothing or what cheap people use to get their clothes clean.
I picked up some Sun at Wal-Mart so I can do the laundry this afternoon.
od uživatele Jackie Jill 10. červenec 2008
to put someone down
Mike he siad that u is mad ugly he sunned you!
od uživatele Navy 27. červen 2003
Short for Shutting Up Now
OMG, can you believe Pam and Jim on the Office? I just love them! Seriously though, that's enough squeeage for me today. I'm totally SUN.
od uživatele Hiedi 10. květen 2008
A magazine, much like Weekly World News, that has stoires about the lastest prophecies about world events and a weekly perdiction from Nostradamus.
I subscribe to SUN.
od uživatele Anonymous 20. srpen 2003
Another word for clit.
I opened up her beef curtains to reveal the bright and shiny sun, glimmering in all its majesty.
od uživatele Juggalette Mini 22. březen 2004
Suffix or Prefix added to a word to make it funny.
Pursey Cooksun.
od uživatele Joshy 23. prosinec 2002
the best newspaper in scotland
the sun is far superior to the daily record and the daily mail
od uživatele David Richardson 29. březen 2005
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