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Anyone less than a United States Marine usually a Seamen, Sailor, or Navy personnel.
She wanted to hookup with a real man in the bar, but there was nothing but soldiers and submarines.
od uživatele PJudt 11. Prosinec 2009
Big ass breasts.
"wow glenn, look at her submarines!"
od uživatele adsytank 01. Říjen 2009
A sexual act involving a man eating out a woman's vagina while masturbating. Just before the man cums he looks up at her and when she notices him looking at her he says "Target locked". While the girl is still in confusion he says "Fire Torpedo!" as he jumps up and cums in her face. Then walks away saying "Target Destroyed"
"Kellsi was so surprised when I gave her that submarine for her birthday"
od uživatele DJ {Taco} 15. Září 2008
massive poo that dissapears in to the s bend in the toilet.
aye johno i just chuck a submarine
od uživatele flubbajubbanoongarr 28. Květen 2012
The act of ripping a bongload then chugging a beer before exhaling the smoke.
Dude did you see that guy at the party do a submarine and pass out on the floor? Classic.
od uživatele Bart Mancuso 09. Únor 2010
A used, filled, condom left around somebody's house. Called a sub because of shape and it's occupation by semen.
I sunk my submarine and shipwrecked her on your night stand. Sorry.
od uživatele hot carl L.U. 455 30. Květen 2011
A large rounded poo, which rests at the bottom of the bowl. Often refuses to flush.
I fled the scene, and the poor fool who used the toilet next would have to sit on my submarine
od uživatele Triumpharter 09. Květen 2011