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Stressing out
Rudy stop Steveing it, its just a test.
od uživatele Labor fan #1 08. Listopad 2009
14 3
To join together in a group of 7 to 12 people, under a blanket or bunch of blankets, making tons of noise and being obnoxious. Often times outside in the open around other people. I.E- In parking lots and outside of Black Veil Brides concerts.
Due to the cold, Everyone outside decided to have fun and keep warm by Steve-ing.
od uživatele Tokiori 21. Leden 2013
7 0
To masterbate using feces (poo) as a lubricant)
Jeff: while walking through the park jeff found some poo and started steveing.
od uživatele steve chucky 13. Listopad 2011
4 1
When a girl is on her period.
Girl: Can I go to the Steve? I'm Steveing and need a new Steve.
od uživatele I'mForeverSteveing!!! 04. Červen 2011
2 0
to sweat heavily
gordon: man it was an intense game, i was so nervous!

justin: yeh i thought i smelled you steveing! you have steve stains under your armpits too!
od uživatele gettingsilly09 29. Srpen 2008
3 1
Any form of faggotry, public or private. Its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, which is the saying it was derived from.
Grady: Dude those guys over there are seriously Steveing.
Hayden: Yeah, look at those girls they are steveing too!
Grady: Well thats ok
od uživatele falcon2_900 25. Listopad 2007
4 7