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To ejaculate with some force on your partner but at close range as to make the smacking sound as the cum hits her.
He stood up in the spa and finished by splooging all over her waiting lips and face.
od uživatele Val Paraiso 26. Duben 2006
37 10
Causing a mass eruption of bodily fluids, mostly out of the penis.
Why are you splooging all over me!?
od uživatele NelliyJuice 04. Listopad 2011
6 1
The act of putting your purple headed yogurt slinger into a girl's wizard sleeve.
Let's go splooge some sloots!

Friend:Were you splooging her last night?
Me: I took her upstairs and drove the big ol' skin bus into tuna town. BURR
od uživatele Joey Gaskell 07. Leden 2012
11 7
When Brittany Spears sits down on the toilet intending poop, but instead fires a high-powered stream of urine from her anus. Can be seen on South Park.
It's really loud in the bathroom right now, I think he's splooging.
od uživatele TheKillerSock 12. Prosinec 2010
7 12