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When the penis misses the vagina completely and goes full force into the taint. The resulting force causes a severe bend or flex in the erect penis resulting in pain and discomfort to the penis and sometimes the taint region.
I was bangin your mom super hard from behind, she was really liking it. She started bucking around and I tried to slam it in there hard and got a severe sploink that pretty much put me out of commission for an hour or so.
od uživatele Airgazim 27. Srpen 2007
9 6
the sound a penny makes when droped in an elevator shaft
"i want to wait to hear the sploik when it hits the ground"
od uživatele misha lovelock 20. Červen 2003
8 10
1.the act of penatrating anothers punani with ones discostick

2. half physicic half rock pokemon on pokemon ruby saphire and emareld

3. careless fratinization
didnt u hear i want to sploink you
od uživatele haskinzzz59 07. Červenec 2009
2 5
To do what no mans has done before.....
you just sploinked it... and a splink was apprehended...splink
od uživatele the connection 04. Květen 2003
6 13