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To snaffle: to steal, usually food, in a sneaky manner, often accompanied by the sound "yoink".
I was walking into the kitchen when i found someone snaffling the chocolate raisins! =0
od uživatele Loocie 03. Červenec 2005
The act of simultaneously sniffing and licking an object.
'Steve enjoyed a good snaffle in the nether regions'

'Stephen snaffled Jo's anus'
od uživatele Trytoincludepaul 30. Září 2009
Snaffles are obtained through smoking marijuana. They are not, contrary to popular belief, the same as the munchies. A requirement of the munchies is that one is genuinely hungry. The snaffles are when you reach the stage where you feel physically bloated, and would (under sober circumstances) never continue eating, yet you do.
Oh man, I had the snaffles so bad last night, I thought I was going to explode.
od uživatele Citzen Snips 26. Červen 2008
The act of sniffing a cycle saddle, recently vacated by a woman.
"Warm leather is good leather. That's how to snaffle boy!"
od uživatele The Grand Moff 09. Květen 2004
A general term for any drug taken through nasal inhalation. Used as both a noun describing the drug and as a verb to describe the taking of the drug.
I'm going to buy some snaffle; Let's have a quick snaffle of some charlie
od uživatele Stashes 12. Říjen 2009
To snort or sniff an intoxicating substance, usually an opiate.
Did you snaffle that entire 80?
od uživatele weegee 20. Červenec 2005
To eat by catching the food in your mouth, tossing it up, and then swallowing it whole. Works only with smaller food items, or larger mouths.
"My dog snaffled up the rat it found on the road."
od uživatele Elyssa 22. Září 2003