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Sebastian aka. "Snacks" McTwinkies
Hey look here comes snacks!
od uživatele Not Sebastian maybe! 20. Březen 2003
15 32
that which is less than a full meal
Mmm, these Funyuns are a mighty tasty snack.
od uživatele roger the fabricator 17. Únor 2004
112 24
I am Snacks, there is no other. Feel my might.
Once you go Snacks, you never go back
od uživatele Dan 23. Prosinec 2003
139 52
An attractive female.
Do you know how many snacks live in this dorm? Too many.

Not going to lie Chris, your sister is a snack.
od uživatele Mark Van Mudgett 29. Září 2009
59 17
A meal that comes in between two of the 'Big Three' that, more often than not, is unhealthy.
I had a nice snack of carrots and celery. I'm not a baby.
od uživatele Diggity Monkeez 13. Leden 2005
40 22
Used by a female to refer to a male who is not a her boyfriend.
Girl i got too many snacks, i need to cut down before my boyfriend finds out.
od uživatele Briababes 18. Říjen 2008
25 11
synonym for "sack". used as code for drugs which are packaged in plastic sacks.
(on the phone)
chris-"what up big boy? got any more twankie snacks i can munch on?"
big boy-"yeah, stop by my babies maw-maws house."
od uživatele hightimesRgoodtimes 28. Únor 2004
39 25
Someone you don't really don't love or care for and in fact really hate, but would want a one-time encounter with just to satisfy your sexual urges.
I don't know why you keep in touch with her, she's a snack.
od uživatele spidina 09. Červen 2005
33 22