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a mystical creature that can be seen only when blinking, usually seen scurrying in a diaper
can you smell the smedge
od uživatele Flim 18. Leden 2006
6 4
A term used in the video game industry by 3D modelers. Objects in video games are composed of three or four sided planes called polygons. A corrupted edge of a polygon is called a "smedge." A smedge will cause the 3D program in use to crash.
"I ran into a smedge today and had to reboot."
od uživatele Josiah M. 02. Srpen 2007
3 2
A really smooth edge, particularly relating to the art of giftwrapping.
'Check out these smedges' - remark made after giftwrapping something historically well, so that the edges of the paper are almost invisible.
od uživatele Snoppy5 20. Srpen 2007
3 4
smegma, that shit that builds up under your dick head that looks like cheese,Dick cheese
damn i havent showered in days my smedge is building up
od uživatele Willow 09. Březen 2005
5 9