A slut and a stripper.
Yo, look at that guy, damn hes a slipper
od uživatele Geography nerd 14. květen 2008
When spoken by a Cornishman/Southwesterner, often means dirty, unkempt or smelly.
e's a slipper bugger, in'e?
od uživatele Dragys02 01. červen 2007
An older slapper. Sometimes used to refer to the mother of a slapper. An older woman, usually tartily or trashily made-up and/or dressed, who gives the impression of, or has the reputation for, being free with her sexual favours.
(Reference: Probably refers to the footwear favoured by older people, particularly. Comment / interpretation: Perhaps she has hung up her highheels / white stilletoes and now goes for easy to wear, comfortable bedroom slippers? Thus, )
Kayleigh is a right slapper, but whatd'you expect with a mum who's a slipper?
od uživatele Gladys Pipps-Knightley 14. květen 2007
Homosexual,fagot,pitty trembeth.
You are a fucking slipper
od uživatele boiiiyzatch 18. květen 2005
Rims and tires on a car
My cousin just bought a new truck and put some 24 inch slippers on it yesterday
od uživatele Da Bu 17. listopad 2006
A perfectly tapered stool that quickly and cleanly exits the sphincter leaving little to no residue.
Scott dropped a slipper and was back on the road in record time.
od uživatele Bidet Mate 21. červenec 2016
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