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The act of having one's anus licked while on an airplane.
"So did you join the mile-high club?"

"Nope. Just gave her a Skyrim."
od uživatele Rep_Boehner 25. Květen 2013
1 5
The term used to describe the sexual act of rimming while on a flight.
"My boyfriend gave me a right ole skyrim during our flight to New York. One of the best I have had!"
od uživatele Neo Phoenix 06. Květen 2012
4 9
A rim-job given on an airplane
I gave Tommy a Skyrim on our flight from London to Singapore.
od uživatele Zweifel8 09. Leden 2012
11 16
An extravagant sex position that emerged from the bowels of the Belgian illegal sex industry.

This sexual act requires massive arm and upper body strength as one participant has to lift the other participant up over his/her head and perform a rimjob.

This sexual act is truly not for the weak!
Damn Candy, my head almost went through the ceiling when me and Woody did the "Skyrim" but it felt amazing!
od uživatele LL COOL G 27. Prosinec 2011
5 11
A sexual act wherein the anus and asscrack are slathered in marshmallow fluff prior to a rim job
She wanted some s'mores, I wanted a rim job, so I compromised by letting her give me a Skyrim.
od uživatele mosshollow 09. Prosinec 2011
6 12
The act of giving/receiving a rimjob on an airplane.
Like Omg, that male flight attendant gave me a Skyrim

No way! Is that the same thing as a Call of Doody?
od uživatele #SuperAtMastu...Hastags 28. Prosinec 2011
7 14
Soul sucking video game with epicness so powerful men favor it over having sex with their girl friends. -_-
SkyRim, give me my fella back!
od uživatele rawryrawr 13. Listopad 2011
15 23