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Another swedish word for penis :)
"Ohhh Look there, a sketa."
"It's a twisted and rickrolled schlonk"
od uživatele Barre Jarre 21. Září 2012
To be totally lazy, self serving, and depressed.
Joe - "Time to schlonk"
Billy - "No thanks man you go be lazy on your own"
od uživatele J Swole 25. Březen 2008
to sleep, a very deep sleep
Man it's time for some schlonk.

Did you schlonk last night?
Yeah man I totally schlonked.
od uživatele Brian Ledsinger 29. Prosinec 2007
A load, loser, or lazy ass person. A real disappointment.
I wasn't impressed with that lawyer we had. He was a real schlonk.

Joey you schlonk, get your ass out of bed, it's 1:00 already.
od uživatele Schukie 23. Prosinec 2006