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Military term for "Situation Normal All FUCKED Up" or "Situation Normal All FOULED Up".
Man! By that way thing are going today, it's a total SNAFU type of day!
od uživatele bigg3469 21. Březen 2009
67 31
Acronym, "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up." Generally associated with the millitary, especially in use during the Vietnam war.
"Everything in bravo sector is snafu, over."
od uživatele Neatoman 24. Květen 2006
92 56
Situation normal all fucked up.
Today at work was a typical snafu.
od uživatele the mookster 01. Duben 2008
105 72
To elaborate the different acronyms the military so colorfully uses/used.
SNAFU: Situatin Normal All Fucked Up.
TARFU: Things Are Really Fucked Up.
FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
"We ran into a SNAFU." The slang does not use it properly, but rather modifies the acronym that is used so much into more of a word. SNAFU actually becomes a predicate.
od uživatele Dental_FlossTycoon 10. Červen 2005
43 16
n. A chaotic or confused situation.
adj. In a state of confusion or chaos.
tr.v. To make confused or chaotic.
this situation is snafus
od uživatele Jessica 12. Duben 2005
20 8
This is actually an acronym, standing for "Situation Normal, All Fouled (or Fucked) Up". Comes from World War I or WWII army guys.
Damn, this Jeep's engine is all snafu'd. This war is a snafu.
od uživatele Johnny Cumm 25. Květen 2005
14 6
A legendary underground computer hacker and programmer famed for his virtuoso talent and luscious ginger locks.
<luser> S.n.a.f.u. 0wn3d my network :(
od uživatele eyedeetentee 10. Květen 2008
7 10