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Abbr. for 'stupid idiot'
As in Football Factory from 2004:
"Jog on, you si!"
od uživatele Nige Menzel 24. Květen 2007
Abbr. for "self-injury," also known as self-mutilation. Most common form is cutting, but may also include burning, bruising, skin-picking (excoriation), and other behaviors. There is no single cause for SI. SI is most common in women and tends to persist for years.
As a result of overwhelming anxiety, she turned to SI as a coping mechanism.
od uživatele rieux 27. Listopad 2003
S.I.S is an acronym for Special Investigation Section.

It is an Los Angeles Police Department's elite tactical detective squad with a straightforward mandate: Track down the City’s most dangerous offenders and take them off the street. S.I.S. are possibly the hardest-working, most dedicated men and women Detectives to wear a badge.
Alonzo: Hey, Mark, where are you transferring to?
Mark: S.I.S.
Alonzo: Yeah, S.I.S. Detective.
(from 'Training Day')
od uživatele KainJynez 22. Červen 2009
An awesome boy that is kind, nice, derpy, hilarious and clumsy and is a wonderful bestfriend.
Is that Si?!
od uživatele kjj-123 30. Prosinec 2012
Means to "sit in silence" insetad of lol. Usually used if somebody sais something retarded online, its a good way to be honest. Lets face it very few actually laugh at stuff online.
xXihateyouxX: i was like "duhhhhhhh" haha
ay u guys 2003: s.i.s
od uživatele mat a 24. Duben 2005
when text messaging, it is used for the idiots who don't understand that you're being sarcastic; means "sarcasm implied," and is often used at the end of a text message.
Janet: "Do you think Miguel was being serious?"

Miguel's text: "yeah i'm really excited to see you too (s.i.)"

Ted: "Of course not, he even put 'sarcasm implied' in the text! You must be really dumb"
od uživatele upsidedownchoking 03. Prosinec 2009
suprisingly improved sequel
a movie is an s.i.s if

a) the original was brilliant,yet the sequel was better
b) the original was average and no one expected an improvment
c) the original was pure garbage and no one wanted a sequel. a monkey could make a better sequel but this sequel was actually really good
aliens and terminator 2 are s.i.s type a imo

mad max 2 is awesome, it is an s.i.s type b because the first one was quite boring

mate, the star wars prequels were such utter shyte, im glad revenge of the sith was better, it was a type c s.i.s
od uživatele evan4401 02. Říjen 2010