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Sweet Baby Jesus
SBJ, it's looney tunes around this place
od uživatele Zoe Z 14. Leden 2009
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Surprise Blow Job
For my birthday, my girlfriend gave me a S.B.J. I wasn't expecting it but it was AWESOME!
od uživatele Toy&StarCandy 10. Květen 2011
Stands for Smoking Blow Job. If you dont inhale on a cig properly you breath out thick, heavy smoke. If giving head when you do this you can use the thick smoke to make a blowjob more interesting and pretty.
A 'Nikola gave me an sbj last night, it fucking rocked!'
od uživatele Rachcook182 09. Srpen 2007
Acronym for sweet baby jesus. Term used to express excitement, satisfaction, and exhiliration. Easy and fast to use when sending corporate-monitored emails.
S B J I can't wait to have a cocktail tonight.
That sushi was S B J.
od uživatele Hannah111 25. Březen 2008
Short for standing blow job.
This short bitch gave me a sbj.
od uživatele Dan In Da Nati 08. Listopad 2004
stop being jelly
guy 1-that guy went out with katy perry, he's ugly as f*ck

guy 2-sbj
od uživatele poopdedoop 29. Leden 2012
means something embarrasing in arabic - shee be jaris
omg look at her hair ... its sbj
od uživatele sogr 03. Duben 2009

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