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dinosaur for i love you.
Girl: Rawr.
Boy: I love you too.
od uživatele Krystaa 30. Květen 2008
955 541
A word common to "roar"

Used to playfully describe a roaring noise
Rawr! I'm a big scary monster!
od uživatele Sam K 22. Únor 2005
769 532
1. Originally meant "right answer, wrong reason", used in RPG games and such.

2. Someone stupid decided it was supposed to be a cute way of saying roar.

3. Someone else stupid decided it meant "I love you" in dinosaur language.
1. Player One: RAWR
Player Two: No! That is the right reason!!!
Player One: No, your judgement is off.

2. Rawr, I'm so cute.

3. Dinosaur: Rawr

Dinosaur's Mate: Rawr
od uživatele blarghlee 08. Srpen 2009
316 192
a sexy sort of growling sound
"I rawred at him cutely"
od uživatele Sara 17. Únor 2005
784 665
An internet lingo which indicates someone doing a 'roaring' sound. It sounds cute in a way.
Where are my cookies?! rawr!!!
od uživatele pongkoy 16. Říjen 2007
198 115
a word used to descibe anger, bordom or simply used to say randomly and throw people off
person: ok so then we went to the movies and he was all like
me: Rawrr!
Person:......um...wtf? i dnt even kno how to respond to that
me: walks away smiling. ~mission achieved~
od uživatele shaylaa 24. Říjen 2008
164 87
a word used to describe feelings of random anger or boredom.
Dude! Are you going to the mall with me? RAWR Um, what's wrong with you?
od uživatele Tera 31. Leden 2005
539 468