A significant political figure that advocates the safety and security of the working class more than any other candidate running for office. Democrats oftentimes like to call Ralph a 'spoiler' because several thousand people voted for him in Florida. Not only is this a concieded notion, (that if Nader hadn't run for office, all of the people who voted for him would have immediately cast their vote towards gore) but they fail to realize that over 250,000 self-identified Democrats voted for George Bush in Florida. Strangely enough, the Democrats do not even bother to scold them. Moreover, a Democratic exit poll showed that Ralph’s votes came 25% from Republicans, 38% from Democrats, and the rest were nonvoters who would have only voted for Ralph.
No one is entitled to votes. They must be earned. Nowhere in the constitution are political parties even mentioned. If a certain party is loosing followers to another party, maybe they just aren't trying hard enough.
od uživatele Xvall 24. listopad 2004
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The most persistant mother fucker who ever lived.
Ralph Nader kicks ass.
od uživatele Eric 24. říjen 2005
A man with so much potential to be a great president, who will never get the chance because America is unwilling to allow a third party into a corrupted office. How bad would it really be to get a REAL person with REAL ideas into office?
Nader is a truly spiffy rad hippy who deserves to run the country.
od uživatele MeatIsMurderMilkIsRape 03. listopad 2004
1. Consumer advocate noted in particular for dooming the Corvair automobile.

2. Nader was the Green Party's presidential candidate (with Winona LaDuke as running mate) in the 1996 and 2000 races, and is running as an independent for 2004.
Ralph Nader's vote-splitting has been hotly contested by Republicans and Democrats.
od uživatele Belisarius 02. březen 2004
I guy who has a right to run for office but who the Democrats will probably 'off' to get him out of their way.
"The Democrats are corporate whores" - Ralph Nader
Don't kid yourself. Ralph Nader is man that has made millions from speaking fees then made more in investments in the same corporation he claims to hate. In the 1970s Nader claimed to live in a boarding house with a bathroom down the hall. Turns out he had a luxury home purchased in his brothers name. This is a man that stays in first class hotels. For all the "Democrats are corporate whores" talk he will not release his tax forms either.

He talks about not owning a car and they are unsafe. We should take the bus. Turns out he bums rides from employees in their *gasp* cars!

He also stopped his own employees from creating a union. many were making 13,000 a year salary for 60-80 hours a week workloads. Nader says:

"I don't think there is a role for unions in small nonprofit 'cause' organizations any more than ... within a monastery or within a union."

Totally ignores the point that most working for non-profits could give a shit less about the mission. They are there to make a living. To them it's a job and not a calling.

Although they had handling problems anyone that thinks he killed the Corvair should do some research and maybe google it. Those cars were expensive to produce, sold for very little, not many options and turned little in profit. Sales were down and GM had decided to kill the car but continued to make the car with poor sales in 1967-1969 to spite Nader claims. Anyone with a knowledge of cars could tell you the death of the Corvair was because of new cheaper models with fresh designs like the Camaro(Sept. 1966) and Mustang(april 1964). Mustangs and cougars 1964-1970 by the way have fuel tanks in the trunk that can explode on rear impact. Much like Pintos.
I agree with a lot of the words coming out of Ralph Nader's mouth. Too bad his real record does not match the rhetoric. Ralph Nader is just the anti-corporate version of Jessie Jackson.

Fuck Ralph Nader. I am getting a 1964 Corvair convertible.
od uživatele Harley Earl 18. březen 2008
The guy that my fellow Americans should have voted for, but apparently they don't have enough common sense to see what kind of damage is being done to our country by the divisive two-party system. An honest and real candidate who cares about domestic concerns that Bush and Kerry seem to have forgotten about in favor of fear-mongering, focusing on the so-called "threat" of terrorism.
Ralph has my vote, no matter the odds!
od uživatele Chernorizets Hrabr 02. listopad 2004
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