a cigarette
Can I bum a rad?
od uživatele randomstoner 15. Květen 2003
To be sexually aroused by the same gender.
'Rad, man!' Meaning in essence, 'I want to dip my schlong in your arse dude.'
od uživatele Ubermensch 10. Duben 2005
Bea Stride
Her name is literally Beast Ride. She's rad.
od uživatele IswearImcool 16. Duben 2015
Ratchet and dirty. Those ratchet girls who are just nast as fuck
Damn,that girl that sits next to me is r.a.d. as fuck
od uživatele JoieG 28. Leden 2015
Roll a doobie
R.A.D. Up. (Roll A Doobie)
od uživatele chioboo 31. Prosinec 2014
something that is cool or awesome some times used as radical
wow that's rad OR that's totally radical (rad)
od uživatele h.m.l.cx 20. Prosinec 2014
Several definitions given here are correct in connecting the term to radical but incorrect in the date of origin. Being old enough, I can attest that it was used at least as far back as the seventies.
"The Ninja Turtles never invented a single term. To suggest so is not rad but very uncool."
od uživatele sammmyz 01. Prosinec 2014

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