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To do something queer or queerish. you can put any name you want but it has to refer to the person who they pull.
Person 1. Aye can you COME here

Person 2. eww i don't want to CUM there

Person 1. wow you are pulling a kyle
#pulling #kyle #funny #queer #lol moment
od uživatele Seymour Nutts 30. květen 2009
to pull a kyle, is to invite your friends to an event or gathering, and not show up yourself.
"hey sam, want to come play lost planet 2 on xbox live?"
"wow. that sounds funtacular. i will definitely play lost planet 2"
"ok. i will be on in 5 minutes"

*45 minutes later*

"kyle isn't here. figures. there he goes again, pulling a kyle."
#kyle #lost planet 2 #garge #sam #francine #misty
od uživatele Bob Need 14. říjen 2012
Taking home the largest and least attractive hogzilla from a 4 am bar, because why not
Steve was at holligans last night and we caught him "pulling a kyle", I be the smells like shame this morning
#hogging #the ol college try #fire sale #low self esteem bingo #slumming it
od uživatele Tullski 27. červen 2014
when a male finds a squirrel extremely attractive and cannot resist.
pulling a kyle
#when #kyle #squirrel #attractive #resist
od uživatele chamoo 30. listopad 2012
Running around jigtown without any shoe's (sumtimes not even socks)
1-Hey Glenn y aren't u wearing any shoe's? there's alot of glass around, 2-cause im pulling a kyle.
#kyle #jigtown #winnipeg #north-west #glass
od uživatele Jigtown Gurl 08. říjen 2007
When you bang your chick on her period because you think it's the norm.
"Dude it was my first time and I pulled a Kyle"
"Dude why would you pull a Kyle"
"Hey I might be Pulling a Kyle at the party but idk"
od uživatele John Ceana 25. duben 2016
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