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Small town in Southern Colorado where dreams go to die.
Pueblo - Where dreams go to die.
#pueblo #colorado #dreams #die #sad #ghetto #cars on blocks
od uživatele NHier 06. květen 2010
1. A town in Southern Colorado that has the most bars per capita, highest teen-pregnancy rate, drug-dealers, beaners, and straight up shitty rating in the western United States

2. A horrible impoverished town with no opportunities that people return to year after year

3. A mostly mexican town that somehow has the most medal of honor recipients
You don't want to end up in Pueblo dude
#shit-hole #colorado #mexican #poverty #black hole
od uživatele Geni Neel 08. duben 2009
A city of about 100,000 in Southern Colorado, south of Colorado Springs.
Man, this town is lamer than Pueblo.
#colorado #lame #colorado springs #city #state fair
od uživatele JEKIDD 24. duben 2007
the spanish word for town.
"That's my pueblo." from P.O.D's song - Booyaka 619 (Rey Mysterio theme song).
#booyaka #el reggaeton #paisa #estas pasado #rey mysterio
od uživatele emmie lou:D 13. prosinec 2007
a small town in a barren wasteland filled with mexicans who all join in a mass pretend game that they are blacks living in a major city.
Pueblo resident: *fake Pubelo ebonics*
Person from real city: Yeah, cut the crap. I can spot that fake Pubelo ebonics a mile away.
#fake ebonics #small town #barren wasteland #frauds #pretenders
od uživatele Jack B Nimble Jack B quick 25. březen 2011
The worst city in the world. Anyone who lives in this town has to be a total and complete asshole. If you were at a party and saw some kid who just looked like the last person that you would want to spend the night with, most likely this person comes from Pueblo (Colorado).
The other day when i was driving around i suddenly got the urge to kill myself and all the people around me, it was almost like i was in a Pueblo or something.
#terrible #awful #sukubis #crappy #shitty #gay
od uživatele bowinkle_48/182.5 13. prosinec 2010
A town in southern Colorado aka the Steel City where the brave and strong call home. The people of this town don't know the word quit. They often strike fear into the souls of others well vacationing. Its quite funny actually. They have most medal of honor recipients. There skin it thick and strong like the metal they produce.
Look that guy pee'd his pants... ha ha ha...
He must know were from Pueblo.
#peblo #p-town #blo #steel city #pue town
od uživatele Way2Funky 30. květen 2011
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