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The only way you can say penis is Runescape. (Pronounced Pine-is)
Hey dude... my pinis itches!
od uživatele L.E.K. 22. Září 2008
33 15
A miraculous combustion or awesomeness. A perceptible interruption of the laws of nature, such that can be explained by divine intervention.
I gave her a mouthful of Pini
od uživatele 4Serious 12. Červen 2009
14 2
a semicensored version of the word Penis.
Pinis can often be mistaken for Penis, but its not really mistaken. Just if you want to be creative.
od uživatele GothicDeathVR2 07. Srpen 2008
17 9
1) Yeh Unl33t3st un-ub3r1st p3rs0n teh 1s.
2) Also the word Pini describes the expulsion of semen from a donkeys erect penis.
Omg look at that donkey! Its Pinulating!
od uživatele John 20. Říjen 2004
19 11
The baby stage of the adult penis.
Unfortunate Man: Doctor, what do you think is wrong with me?
Doctor: Well you see it's a simple case of a pinis
od uživatele Kudrough 19. Červen 2008
16 16
The plural for penis. (pronounced pee-nai)
person1- So many penises!
person2- i believe the term is pini..
od uživatele ohhaiitsme645642 21. Květen 2011
2 4