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a pic of a creepy little kid with blueberry pie all over his face that has circulated message boards all over the internet.
Damn, another guy Photoshopped pieboy.
od uživatele TehPwnage 06. Červenec 2005
19 6
A guy who admires the shape of female genitalia.
There are leg men and breast men but I'm a pieboy myself.
od uživatele Diploma mill Doctor 01. Srpen 2011
9 1
A wimp, one who chooses the easiest course of action.
That pie boy wouldn't go hiking in the mud.
od uživatele Pasquinal 14. Listopad 2005
13 10
A teenager who looks like a typical pie eater.
square: your soo butturz
kelly: but look at your head bruv
square: you look like a pieboy
od uživatele rabbit/mynde 27. Duben 2009
4 2
A pieboy is usually a fat mother fucker who eats all the pies.
Look at mason over there, what a pieboy.
od uživatele George 02. Červen 2004
9 10
Round,bald,fat, cock smoking felcher who eats all the pies when not felching.
also links with roundboy
kenny is definatley a pie boy
od uživatele bob 10. Únor 2004
5 13