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A parting phrase, in good manner
"See ya later; peace!"
od uživatele Kri 20. Listopad 2002
2994 383
A brief interlude between wars, during which the prudent study the lessons of the last war and prepare for the next one.
Peace proposals unaccompanied by a sworn covenant indicate a plot.
-Sun Tzu, c. 500 B.C.
od uživatele Frank Womble 06. Listopad 2003
2116 250
1. An acknowledgment of parting, ending a phone call or e-mail, similar to goodbye. Often used with "out."
2. A greeting, similar to hello.
3. An expression of non-violent wishes or intention.
4. Term used to describe sections of anti-war movement.
5. Noun. Used to describe the presence of The absence of violence, disruption, or disturbance.
1. A'ight, see ya. Peace. Peaceout.
2. Peace. Please leave a message...
3. Peace, my friend. Increase the peace. It's time for peace.
4. The peace movement is against (the) war.
5. ... gotta have peace of mind.
od uživatele RayJack 02. Červenec 2005
1836 159
The absence of conflict, usually requiring conflict to establish; a lack of conflict
World War II was required to bring peace to Europe.
od uživatele Drew Harrison 29. Květen 2005
1636 234
(noun) a word indicating one's imminent departure; (verb) the act of departing, or intending to depart
(noun) See you guys in the morning, I'm gonna go bang some bitches. Peace!
(verb) This party's turned into a sausage fest, I'm gonna peace.
od uživatele ToastedBread 04. Říjen 2009
1373 206
Something that George W Bush lacks and uses as an excuse for war.
od uživatele George W Bush says: "I plan to make peace" 11. Březen 2003
2777 2149
Some thing commonly fought for yet rarely achieved
Our nation is currently fighting for world peace yet is currently at war and has been for some time now.
od uživatele ice_wolf325 11. Září 2005
322 84