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Awsome guitar company founded by Charles Kamen of Kamen music corparation. They mainley build acoustic guitars,but they have done many electric guitars such as the oddly-shaped Breadwinner and Deacon. Some of the acoustic models they did are the Adams,Legend,and Classical 1613,and many more.
Here's some Notable users of Ovation Guitars:
John Lennon
Jimmy Page
Yngwie Malmsteen
Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Robert Fripp
Ace Frehley
Adriane Legg
Steve Lukather
Cat Stevens
Jim Croce

and many, many more!
od uživatele ROCKYOUBOT! 31. Květen 2010

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standing ovation applause standing clapping dick plaudits
Taking something to the highest acclaim.
I love Ovations
od uživatele C Wade 14. Říjen 2008