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not paying attention/ dazed off
"You're out to lunch"
od uživatele jdg 17. listopad 2003
a) A sign that is put on the outside of a business premesis that is indicating that it is temporarily non functional, and that business will resume within the hour.

b) not paying attention.
Out to lunch, back at one.

He's out to lunch.
od uživatele Kung-Fu Jesus 18. duben 2004
Drunk, intoxicated, plastered, wasted, etc.
"My friend was out to lunch when he jumped off the roof."
#out #to #lunch #drunk #wasted #plastered
od uživatele gorillagrip 21. červen 2006
The away message you get on instant messaging services like AIM when your friend is eating his girlfriend.
Guy 1: Hey Guy 2, what's up?
-Auto Response from Guy 2- Out To Lunch.
Guy 1: Again...?
#out #to #lunch #eating #oral sex
od uživatele Pantho 12. květen 2009
Techincally speaking, when a piece of network equipment goes down.
"The server just went out-to-lunch; what a piece of shit."
#network #lunch #out #technical #equipment
od uživatele Network Director 16. září 2013
Going OUT of the room and meeting your co-worker in the closet, TO LUNCH down on her sweet spot.
I love taking Angela OUT TO LUNCH, I could eat all day long with her.
#get down #muffin #south #sweet spot #lunch #eat lunch
od uživatele huffinthemuffin 16. prosinec 2010
something your supervisor usually is.
Hey man, have you seen the sup lately?
No man I think he's out to lunch!
He's out to lunch period.
od uživatele Jeff Barouch 12. červenec 2004
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