the male reproductive organs.
nuts (testies) where the jizz and sperm are kept
nuts stay outside when the WONG goes in!
vulnerable to itch
my nuts are very itchy.
od uživatele dabomberall1 29. Prosinec 2011
The human head (used in the UK)
On my nut son (when playing soccer)
od uživatele Rich Lawson 22. Květen 2005
Spec. used by soccer hooligan (English slang)

v. To headbutt / attack using the head

v. To knock someone to the ground
"Cm'ere you fuckin' cunt, I'm gonna nut ya..."
od uživatele McKenzie 18. Leden 2005
a dudes balls
my nuts hurt
od uživatele bellycon 18. Červenec 2014
i like eating nut
od uživatele dale earnfart 20. Únor 2014
Male ejaculating into a female.
She's pregnant so he can nut in her all day without a worry.
od uživatele thecleaner1984 01. Červenec 2012
(N) An easy girl used for the sole purpose of getting a nut
I totally regret hitting up that nut last night, total NBN
od uživatele Dirtyswitch 27. Duben 2011

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